Jordan A. Garrett (JAG!)

Hey! My Name is Jordan Garrett and I'm super excited that you decided to check us out!

My passion originally started off in 3rd grade, when I got my first film camera. I would take photos of everything, until I learned the lesson that film isn't unlimited... I had to purposely always think about the shot before I took it. Through years and years of self training, I taught myself to look for moments before they happen. My favorite part about working weddings is capturing moments all throughout the day. Moments that we will never physically get back, but with the photos/video we can get you pretty darn close to reliving it!

After I practiced with film for years, I got my first job developing film in a lab. This was perfect life experience, because I was able to ask questions and learn from the pros. I worked there all through High School and after I graduated is when I started my journey to becoming a Professional Photographer.

I'm passionate about a few things:

1) Dogs
2) Life Moments
3) Cameras
4) Traveling
In that order too!

I have an amazing Mix Bread named Scarlett and she is such a Joy, sometimes a doofus!

I love when couple want to bring any kind of animals with them to the shoots! Just give me a heads up, and bring a friend to help us manage your extra family member during the shoot!  

My main goal when I started JAG over 10 years ago, was to get natural images of people looking their best!
I do that by connecting with my couples, so we build a trust. A trust based on communication and planning.
That trust allows me to do my job and get everything you imagined, so you just have to focus on your day!

So if you are looking for candid moments that are genuinely documented then JAG Photo + Video is the best team for you and your partner.

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