Our Style

sunset wedding photos in Tulsa

"Candid with Direction"

"CANDID" - When you can hear a photo that's when you know it's purely candid. No one is worrying about the camera, or how they look. They are focused on the moments that are unfolding before their eyes. When I am planning your timeline with you, I will ask all kinds of questions to ensure I am in the right place at the right time. Keeping a low profile in those moments will help me sneak the candid shots.

"WITH DIRECTION" - If I see something out of place, I am not afraid to fix it or speak up. I've learned over the years that it's easier to fix something now, than it is to try and "just photoshop it" later. So you can fully relax when I am taking photos, knowing that you and your friends all look amazing!

True Tone Coloring

I know you have spent countless hours just talking and picking out colors. So I set out on a journey to find the best cameras and lighting techniques that were closest to what your own eyes see. That way our work will stand the test of time, and generations to come will be able to look back and enjoy your special day just as it was. With a 2 week turn around, it gives us time to look over all of your photos, add a dash a color and clarity, and deliver the high-res photos to you!



With our personalized engagement sessions, you are sure to get exactly what you are imagining! We have several local spots, as well as simple to exotic destination locations. We will walk you through everything, from styling tips to posing, we want you to feel comfortable


A bridal session is a 1 hour private session. Most of the time we shoot these at the venue 1-2 months before the wedding, after you get the wedding dress back. We recommend keeping this a private session or only bringing 1 other person. That way you fell calm and comfortable to get the most natural photos of you!


Drone Footage

Aerial Footage will create a beautiful cinematic look for your highlight video. We fly before the ceremony to Highlight the venue and location details.

RAW Footage

This is all the footage/Audio that didn't make the final highlight video. Like the Full Toast, Dances, Getting ready, etc... This can be purchased up to 2 years after the wedding.

"Absolutely best photographer we have ever worked with. JAG is the most professional service out there. Jordan went out of his way to make sure and capture the most iconic images for our engagement and wedding. We were absolutely amazed at the quality! Thank you so much!"

- The Crews

"He made us really comfortable and got really natural, candid pictures of us. Jordan and his team really did a great job of capturing candid moments as they happened throughout our wedding day!"

- The Annavarapus

"The JAG team went above and beyond on our wedding day! I had many positive reviews on them throughout the evening! Thank you to Jordan and his team for capturing these memories to hold onto for a lifetime!"

- The Veritys

"JAG is the best, very friendly and passionate about his art; we had the pleasure to have him travel with my family and I to capture some amazing shots of our anniversary."

- The Sanchezs

"Jordan came to Jamaica for our destination wedding. The photos are raw and real and so purely captured out personalities and the essence of each moment. Choosing JAG was one of the best choices we made for our wedding."

- The Lades

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