Dresser Mansion

Are you looking for a romantic venue to host a dream wedding? Look no further than the historic Dresser Mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Situated in the heart of Downtown Tulsa, the Dresser Mansion offers a unique and beautiful location for your special day. With breathtaking views of downtown Tulsa, it's no wonder the Dresser Mansion is the go-to spot for weddings in the city.

The mansion itself provides a very special atmosphere for a wedding. The grandeur of the mansion’s architecture, combined with the warm and inviting atmosphere of its interior, is sure to set the perfect tone for a unique and romantic wedding.

The mansion’s staff is devoted to making sure your day is as special as possible. They are available to help with all your wedding needs, from finding a photographer and caterer to helping you plan the perfect day. With their extensive experience, personalized service and attention to every detail, you can rest assured your dream wedding will become a reality.

The Dresser Mansion is the perfect location for your dream wedding. Whether you’re looking for a grand and traditional affair or a smaller, more intimate gathering, the mansion has something for everyone. With its stunning architecture, lush gardens and close proximity to the city’s best restaurants and bars, it provides a perfect backdrop for your special day. So, if you’re looking for a romantic and unforgettable wedding venue in Tulsa, look no further than the Dresser Mansion.