Pecandarosa Ranch

For couples looking for a beautiful and unique wedding venue, Pecandarosa Ranch in Vally Park, OK is the perfect place. Located among the rolling hills of the Oklahoma, Pecandarosa Ranch is a breathtaking venue that can accommodate both intimate and large weddings.

The ranch is nestled among a variety of trees, providing the perfect backdrop for a wedding. The natural beauty of the area is highlighted by scenic views of the surrounding countryside, making it an ideal spot to capture professional wedding photos.

The getting ready rooms are the largest ones we have seen! Sometimes they give the one of the partners a smaller area to get ready, but not in the case of Pecandarosa Ranch! Above is the photo of the 1st getting ready room, with tons of space and mirrors. The second room is just as large, but with a TV, Pool Table and Lounge seating to keep them entertained for hoours

With the breathtaking large widows in the chapel, its the perfect spot to share your promises to eachother. As you and your partner exchange vows, the joyous atmosphere will provide a comforting and unforgettable memory.  And after the ceremony, your family and friends will join you in celebrating your new life together.

This spacious venue can accommodate up to 300+ guests. The ranch also offers a variety of catering and other services to make the wedding planning process a breeze. With a 14 hour rental time, you are sure to be able to have pleantly of time for getting ready and reception set up.  

The cottage on property is perfect for staying the night on site or a place to lodge out of town guest. They can take a stoll on the pathway or drive on over to make it easy on any guest that are staying threre.

For couples looking for a stunning, one-of-a-kind wedding venue, Pecandarosa Ranch is the perfect place. With its beautiful setting and amenities, couples can create a romantic and unforgettable day that they’ll remember for years to come.